Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monthly Themes

OK, now we're looking good! Alicia Dimmitt of Blogs and Blings did me a huge favor and designed this background for me. I think I owe her cookies.

A few people have suggested to me that it might be nice to have monthly themes, to give us some direction and make it easier to discuss what we read. I had a difficult time dividing things up into 12 units, and I'm probably the wrong person to do that since the whole point of this project is that I need to learn more about American history. But here are my divisions, and if you hate them, please suggest improvements. Or weigh in on the whole theme idea.

Colonial period: pre-1770
Revolutionary era: 1750-1789
Federalist period: 1789-1815
Jacksonian era: 1815-1850
Civil war era: 1850-1865
Westward Expansion
Gilded Age/Immigration
World War I/Prohibition era: 1914-1929
The Great Depression: 1930's
World War II
Cold War/post-1950

I could spend a little time gathering reading suggestions for each month, if that would prove helpful.


my5wolfcubs said...

I'm looking at the Chronology of US Historical Documents you have linked...very helpful! I'd definitely going to read one of the Virginia charters, since I'm moving there at the end of the month! :)

Amy said...

I found a link in a post on WTM. I'm looking forward to participating. Thanks!