Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 3 of Revolution Month

This is the first time I've run into anything by George Washington, so that has been fun. I've managed to misplace my book, so I can't look up everything I've read this week--and that wasn't much. Here's what I remember:

The draft and final version of the Declaration of Independence.

Some arguments about the Declaration, and a piece by Thomas Jefferson about it, laying out his thoughts for the next steps to be taken.

A couple of letters by John Adams--the famous one to his wife, saying that July 2nd would be celebrated forever, and another one.

A speech by George Washington to the troops when they were ready to revolt over lack of pay.

An essay describing the speech and the effect it had.

A letter from Washington to Congress about his desire to retire and his thoughts about the future, with special regard to the debts (moral and monetary) owed to the men of the army.

Now I'm done with the war and ready to move into debates over the Constitution. My particular goal is to read some of the Federalist papers, and, I suppose, the Anti-Federalist papers too.

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